Property Management

So you want to be a landlord? This can be a profitable endeavor but it can also be a nightmare. Good management and good properties that are properly maintained can create a stream of income for years. Some clients become landlords by default after inheriting property in Palm Beach County or because a job transfer forces them to rent out there home. Some of our clients are professional investors and continue to compound their income by investing their profits in more properties. Being a profitable landlord is not rocket science but there are many issues that you must be aware of. For example, do you know when and how to issue a proper 3 day notice in Palm Beach County? Do you know to properly handle your tenants security deposit? Do you know what are the statutory guidelines to returning your tenant's security deposit after your tenant vacates the premises? Whether you are a new landlord or a professional investor, we can deliver a program to help you reach your real estate goals.

With our streamlined and efficient approach to property management, we are able to thoroughly screen tenants and get them into your property without unnecessary delays thus increasing your yearly profit goals.

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