Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring A Palm Beach County Property Management Company

Why Hire a Palm Beach County Property Management Company

If you are not a expert or have experience managing properties the tasks can get overwhelming.  The time commitment and resources needed to effectively manage real estate can be outsourced to a local Palm Beach County Property Management Company. While it is possible to manage your own investment the time commitment needed sometimes makes sense to hire a  professional.

But if you decide to take it on yourself keep the following in mind:

Get a good handyman. The problem with this is that if you don’t have multiple properties and enough volume to keep your handyman busy they won’t come and fix your emergency repairs and if they do they will charge you an arm and leg.

Rental Rates. Setting an incorrect or below market rental rate can drastically reduce your ROI. When we market a property we check to see what comparable properties in the neighborhood have rented for and how long do they sit on the market vacant before we can accurately price a rental property. There are many Palm Beach County Property Management Companies in the area but before you hire make sure you do your due diligence and hire a company that has experience and great reviews.

How do you plan on collecting rent? Are you going to knock on doors or let a tenant deposit money into your account or do you want them to mail the rent to your home. These are all important questions that should be considered. Our company offers a client the opportunity to have tenants pay their rent online which we turnaround and pay our owners. This added convenience allows us to get rent quicker and makes our owners happy. We definitely would not recommend allowing a tenant to deposit rent into your account directly because in a eviction scenario if the tenant decides to pay a nominal amount into your account after the three day notice you will have to start the process over again.

Palm Beach Count Property Management Company Marketing. How do you plan on marketing your investment. Once we start the marketing process we effectively cover every possible place a tenant can be looking. Additionally, because of our volume of properties we have active applicant pool that we can aggressively target to get the perfect tenant for your home.

How to find the right tenant? The most important job that we do is screening your tenants. We have a detailed 7 step process that helps us navigate the screening process. We check all of our tenants National Eviction Record, Credit Record, National Criminal Record and etc.

Choosing the right Property Manager in Palm Beach County can affect your overall return on investment so choose wisely. If managing your home in Palm Beach County is not for you and you would like to interview us to manage your investment company please call us 561-358-6755 for a no obligation consultation. We manage all types of homes in Palm Beach County and offer competitive rates with excellent owner representation.