Our Services- A step by step approach

Posted: February 27th, 2014

Property Management in Palm Beach County

Step by Step Approach

1) Verifying that your property is Rent Ready- We like to visit every property before we agree to take over your home so that we can go through and verify that there are no major health and safety issues. Once we conduct a walk through we can recommend some local contractors to make the appropriate repairs if necessary.

2) Marketing- We market your investment property all over the internet and various sites including our own sites www.Renting561.com and www.FloridasPropertyManagement.com. One of the most important sites that we market on is the local MLS. This site allows all realtors to view the pictures and videos that we capture to show to their existing clients. Additionally, once we receive a new property we conduct an email blast to all the local realtors that we work with in the rental community and our existing tenant client list.

3) Screening- At no cost to the landlord we will go through a 7 point tenant screening process. 

4) Attorney prepared lease and move in- We will have the tenant sign an attorney prepared lease, conduct a video walk through inspection and collect certified funds prior to move in.

5) Monthly Management- We supervise all minor repairs, rent collection and distribute monthly rental statements.

6) Eviction Services- If necessary, we will post a three day notice for non payment of rent for free. If the tenant does not pay and eviction services are necessary then we will place you in contact with a low cost eviction attorney. Costs are approximately $200 in attorney fees and $300 in court fees for an uncontested eviction.

7) Move out- When a tenant moves out we will go to the property and determine if there are any damages other than normal wear and tear then we will deduct the repairs from the security deposit according to Florida Statutes.

Hopefully this step by step approach has answered any questions you might have, however, if you have more questions or if you would like one of our property managers to visit your home for a rent ready determination please fill out the form to the right.