Request A Property Management Proposal

Posted: January 29th, 2014

Requesting a Property Management Proposal.

Requesting a property management proposal can be done very easily just call, email or request a proposal by submitting your information in the box to the right. We will likely contact you the same day to discuss your property management needs and once we have determined what your requirements are we can submit a proposal to you for your review. We only charge for two items: Tenant Placement and a low monthly management charge.

Our management agreement is a few pages long but our summary of services is very easy, Please see below:

•Zero reserve requirement in Owner's account

•Zero charge while your home is vacant 

•Zero charge for lease renewals

•Zero mark up on maintenance (We pass our contractor discounts to you)

•There is Zero charge for cancellation fee. (We hope you never leave though)

•7 step tenant screening process Click Here

•We use an attorney prepared lease at no charge to you

•Landlords receive online payments via direct deposit to your bank (Sample Monthly Statement)

•We only charge a percentage of actual rent collected and a minimal fee for tenant placement

•View our portfolio of properties that we manage in Palm Beach County

•For more answers and information please Click Here


Eviction Services. If you are contemplating evicting your tenant and would like some guidance just let us know. Once you sign a property management contractor with our company we will handle your eviction by placing a three day notice on your property for free and then refer you to one of our eviction attorneys. Our eviction attorneys can likely have your uncontested eviction completed in 4-6 weeks for about $500 inclusive of $300 in court costs. This cost is an estimate and you will need to contact the Law Office conducting your eviction to get a detailed and accurate price prior to obtaining their services.

If you have any questions please call 561.516.5283 for a detailed walkthrough of our management company or email us at