Tenant Placement Services

Posted: January 29th, 2014

Tenant Placement vs. Property Management Services

If you are looking for a tenant in Palm Beach County your have come to the right place. Last year alone we place over 200 tenants in properties throughout the Palm Beach area. Our real estate company offers both property management services and tenant placement. 

Tenant Placement- If you would like our company to list your rental home and find you a qualified tenant we can do this for a one time fee. This fee is paid by the tenant and is equivalent to one month's rent. Our company is tenant focused and because we are in the landlord/tenant business we are able to market and find you a tenant quicker than most general real estate companies. Advantages to using our company include our 7 step tenant screening process (National eviction reporting, National credit scoring, National criminal reporting, Rental history verification and income verification) and an attorney prepared leases. Both of these added values are free to you.

Property Management Services- If you are looking for more service then our property management company can take over your rental property and provide with you with quality management. This service includes the above mentioned tenant placement plus we will manage your property and be in charge of monthly rent collection and maintenance request.

If you are looking for tenant placement services in Palm Beach or home management in West Palm Beach please call us at 561.516.5283, email us at Glenn@FloridasPropertyManagement.com or just request information by clicking on the box to the right.