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Delray Beach FL Property Management

Our company offers property management services in Delray Beach and the surrounding Palm Beach County area.  Read through our website for more information and let us know if you would like us to give you a rental rate analysis on your home by filling out the form to the right or call us at 561-705-0709, ext. 1 and a property manager will get back to your right away. My Area Realty Property Management company only charges 2 fees for the management of your property and they are an initial tenant placement fee and a monthly management charge. Other property management companies charge lease renewal fees, administrative fees, mark up on maintenance and a charge while the unit is vacant.  

Delray Beach FL Property Management Company

If you are trying to turn your investment property around and need help call us. After a brief consult we can advise you on what the best course of action is required in order to increase your ROI or remove a bad tenant. Many advantages of using our company include the use of an attorney prepared lease, the ability to collect rent online or at our office, to pay our owners via direct deposit and advanced cloud based property management software to manage your property.

Investing in Delray Beach FL

Delray Beach has a good seasonal rental industry because of the proximity to the beach and because of the great dining, shopping and nightlife that Atlantic Ave has to offer. Investors can choose condo purchases and rent their units seasonally and enjoy living in their waterfront condo throughout the year. Some investors have no plan on living in their units and are happy renting our their units annually. Delray Beach offers great opportunity for investment because of the increasing values of homes in the area. If you plan on investing in one of the many condos make sure to look at the Condo Association bylaws. Some condos have bylaws that restrict or prohibit renting units. If you plan on investing within the city of Delray Beach city limits you must apply for a Delray Landlord Permit and the city also provides a resource for rental guidelines. 

Rental Rates in Delray Beach

Rental rates vary depending on quality, bedrooms, sizes and location. That being said Delray Beach has a wide array of rental rates. For an indept review of your property please call us and we can review your properties positive attributes and compare it to the homes in your area to establish a market analysis of what your home is worth. For a list of home that are currently available click through the communities listed below to see what your Delray Beach home can rent for. Our company offers tenant placement or property management services in Delray.

How Do I get started with property management in Delray Beach.

Simple. Once we receive a call for property management services in Delray we will view the property and determine what a fair market rental value of the house is and also make any recommendations that should be done to the property so that the home is rent ready. We will also give you a sample of our attorney prepared lease and a property management agreement for your review. Next we will start marketing your home to potential tenants through our wide net of customers. We will place one of our signs on your property, place your property on the MLS, Zillow, Truilia, AOL real estate, Yahoo Real Estate and various other sites to get potential tenants interested in your property. We will also conduct a video walkthrough of your property so that we can get tenants that are relocating from other parts of the country so that they are able to view your property from their hometown. Once we find a great qualified tenant for your property we will screen them using our 7 step approach. Once a tenant moves in we will begin the monthly rent collection and be on call for any rental maintenance or emergency. 

How much do you charge for home management

We have a No Hidden Fee Guarantee. While our competitors charge for lease renewals, initial admin fees, mark up on maintenance, cancellation fees and other admin fees we will only charge you two fees. Our fee structure is based on two fees: initial tenant placement fee and a monthly management fee based on a percentage of rent collected. This means if we dont collect rent then we will not get paid. For more information on home management in Delray Beach please give us a call.

Condo Management vs Single Family Home management in Delray Beach

The main difference in managing condos is that the property managment must pay special attention to the rules and regulations of the condo assocation. Some condos have strict rental restriction guidelines that include minimum credit scores, approval process and number of times that the homeowner can rent a unit for. As a investor or homeowner you must find out what the rental restrictions are on a property you are purchasing for investment because failure to do so can result in a home that you are unable to rent. We currently or have in the past managed several units in the following communites: Kings Point, Sabal Lakes, Mizner Country Club and many more communities. Whether you are looking to have your home or condo managed we are the number 1 choice for Delray Beach Property Management.

Eviction Process

The eviction process in Delray is the same as the eviction process in Palm Beach County. If your tenant is a problem and is not cooperating let us begin managing your property so we can help get your multifamily or investment property back on track. We are a full service property management company and can help remove your tenant in a timely fashion. Our eviction process is as follows: First, we will review your existing lease. Second, we will introduce ourselves to the tenant and explain that we are the new management in charge of maintenance and rent collection and that all rent must be paid to our company and all inquiries are to be directed to us. If we are unable to get the tenant back on track we will issue a three day notice. This notice gives the tenant three days (not including the posting day, legal holidays, or Saturday's and Sundays) to either pay the amount owed or quit the property. If the tenant does neither then we will forward the file to a third party attorney that will handle the eviction. Evictions are not fun and they are not free, but because we handle many eviction files from new clients we are able to get high quality legal representation for our clients for a great price. Non contested evictions generally cost about $500. This fee includes $200 for attorney fees and about $300 for court filing fees. My Area Realty does not charge a fee for handeling the eviction process or posting a 3 day notice.

If you have any more questions regarding Delray Beach Property Management please give us a call at 561.705.0709 or email us info@FloridasPropertyManagement.com

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you handle evictions? We do not cover the cost of the actual eviction. We do post a three day notice for free and coordinate with a local eviction attorney. We also will meet the Sheriff at the property to help secure the premises and assess damages if any.

What does a property manager do for their fee? We as property managers handle all marketing, leasing, maintenance, day to day questions from tenants, rent collection, eviction, repairs, turnover, HOA correspondence, City lien code violations, prepare monthly income statements, prepare end of year statement and much more!!!

How do you screen tenant? We follow a 7 step tenant screening process that helps us see into a tenants ability to pay rent and character to take care of the property. We check credit, criminal, eviction, income verification and prior landlord verification.

Do you allow cosigners to help rent the primary occupant to rent a property? We do not allow consignors to help get a tenant approved unless the landlord approves.

Do you have a liquidated damages provision in the contract? Yes we have a liquidation damages provisions in all our leases. A liquidated damages provision is a provision that predetermines the penalty for a broken lease. The amount is usually 2 months of rent and will be due and payable if the tenant breaks the lease during the term of the lease. The only time we feel it might not be advisable to use a liquidated damages provision in a lease is when the HOA or COA only approves 1 rental per year. In this scenario if a tenant rents an apartment in January and then two months later needs to break the lease due to a family emergency then the owner would not be able to rent the home to another tenant for the remainder of the year thus incurring damages of 9 months of loss rent. The owners only remedy if there was a signed liquidated damages provision would be to sue for damages for 2 months.

What areas do you cover? We offer professional property management services throughout Palm Beach and Broward County.

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