Property Management during the Coronavirus

Posted: March 21st, 2020

•As you can imagine we are getting lots of calls from new and existing local and out state landlords worrying about the well being of their tenants and the possibility of missed rent payments as it relates to the Covid-19 virus

•My name is Glenn Gurvitch and I am the owner of Floridas Property Management. We manage over 700 units in Palm Beach and Broward County. These are trying times and we are all in this together. We all need to do our part to help flatten the curve.

•Our operations are still on going as they pertain to leasing, rent collection and maintenance repairs. But we have made some modifications:

•Office/Rent Collection- Our main office is now closed to the public and all communication will be done via email/phone. Years ago we switched our rent collection system to only collect rent online and in cash at various retail locations throughout the state.

•Leasing - To help prevent the spread we are no longer showing occupied units. Realtors are still showing vacant units. All vacant units have been wiped down before and after showings for everyone’s safety.

•Maintenance- We are only doing necessary maintenance repairs such as AC, plumbing, electric and Broken Appliances. All maintenance vendors and tenants are instructed to wash hands before and after every visit and keep 6 ft distance.

•Another issue that will be coming up over the next few weeks are rent collection and the effect of closed courts and sheriff departments not executing writs of possession.

•Currently Broward County court house has closed its courthouse and no new evictions can be filed. If you have a current eviction that has already been completed, the Broward County sheriffs department will not be executing writ of possession, so if a tenant is still at the property and refuses to leave then there will be no legal way to remove the tenant.

•The Palm Beach County courthouse is still open and the Sheriff department is still executing writs of possession but we are monitoring the situation closely for any changes.

•If you have any questions regarding our property management services you can reach me directly at