Florida Leases and Evictions

Posted: December 23rd, 2018

We manage hundreds of homes in Palm Beach County and we are always getting new questions. Here is a answer to some of the most common questions:

1) Can my Landlord non renew my lease? Yes your landlord can non renew your lease for any reason except for discrimination or retaliation. Just like the tenant can non renew his/her lease for any reason a landlord can do the same.

2) How do I non renew my tenants lease? Our standard lease has a autornewal clause which might interfere with non renewing a tenants lease. But assuming you have a standard Florida FAR BAR residential lease, a notice of tenant non renewals must be served on a tenant with a notice of non renewal as long as it contains the appropriate number of days that the lease will be non renewed. if the lease is a month to month lease then there must be 15 day notice prior to the end of the lease. If the lease is a weekly lease then 7 days notice must be given before the end of the weekly period.

3) How do I evict if there is no written lease? The landlord must show that there is a oral agreement. The agreement should have terms such as rent amount and when it is due.

4) Can I collect attorney's fee after a successful eviction? Yes you can collect. But keep in mind that collecting a judgment and more times than not its usually throwing good money away trying to collect non existient money.

5) How do I start a eviction? First gather your lease and other pertinent information and then post a three day notice.

If you have any questions on evictions or our property management services in Palm Beach County please call us at 561.358.6755.