Does your property manager cobroke or self place a tena

Posted: September 11th, 2015

How does your property management company market vacant listing?

There are two ways to that a property manager places a tenant:

1) Cobroke a listing- Placed on the MLS and pays a fee to another agent if they bring a qualified tenant.

2) Self placing- Not placed on the MLS, placed on Zillow, Craigslist and other sites. Does not pay a fee to other agents who brings qualified tenants.

We think its prudent to get your vacant listing as much exposure on the open market so that we can select a qualified tenant to rent your home faster. Cobroking a listing allows your property to be seen by better tenants that are using a Realtor or real estate agent to help them find a home. Usually, these type of tenants have better incomes, higher credit scores and better rental history. When we place a property on the MLS, the showing agent, will show a property and then fill out our application and we can then decide amount a pool of prospective tenants. When we cobroke a listing we are usually able to rent your home faster and at a higher amount to a better qualified tenant than if we try to self place.  

My Area Realty, Inc. only charges two fees which is a initial tenant placement fee and a monthly management fee. We do not charge lease renewal fees, markup on maintenance, lease prep fees, security deposit handling fees or any other type of fees. We always have someone on call to handle a tenant emergency 24/7 and handle maintenance requests in a prompt fashion.

If you are looking for a property manager to manage your portfolio or single home please call us at 561-358-6755 and speak to one of our property managers.